The North Georgia Regional Water Resources Partnership

In 1998, representatives from the Coosa Valley and North Georgia Regional Development Center began discussing the possibility of developing a regional partnership concerned with water resource issues in Northwest Georgia. After several years of discussion concerning structure, membership, and scope of interest, the North Georgia Regional Water Resources Partnership was formed and endorsed by the Board of Directors of both RDC’s. Leaders in the region recognized the importance of watershed planning and believed that this would be best accomplished through local initiatives, as opposed to state mandates.

Water withdrawal and discharge permit holders (government, water authority, industrial and private communities) and interested entities not holding water permits (governments, quasi governmental agencies, environmental organizations, advocacy groups, and other interested entities) were included in the planning activities and were invited to join the partnership. An executive committee of 12 members was elected from the membership in February of 2002. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs provided funds to help create the Partnership.

The goals of the organization include the following:

  • Goal 1: Organize and increase our collective political influence on local, state, and national levels.
  • Goal 2: Combine our resources to develop and implement watershed assessments, water supply studies,and storm water management initiatives within the region including the Coosa, Tallapoosa, andTennessee River Basins.
  • Goal 3: Educate legislators, citizens, and ourselves on surface and ground water resources in the region.
  • Goal 4: Obtain funding from a variety of sources for water related activities.
  • Goal 5: Monitor, assess, and shape local, state, and national legislation on water related issues.
  • Goal 6: Monitor the proposed ACT and ACF water compact agreement.
  • Goal 7: Serve as a coordinating mechanism for all regional water related activities including developmentof the proposed State Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan.

The Partnership membership and executive committee has accomplished much since the Boards of Coosa Valley and North Georgia Regional Development Centers now the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission endorsed its formal status in 2001.

  • National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Program Innovation Award (2002)
  • Northwest Georgia Comprehensive Water Management Plan, Phase I: Background Data and Report Review and Study Area Characterization (2004) – Brown and Caldwell and MACTEC
  • Watershed Management Study (2004)-Coosa Valley RDC and North Georgia RDC
  • Public Water and Wastewater Demand in Northwest Georgia with Projections to the Year 2050 Study (2005) – North Georgia RDC
  • Preliminary Water Supply Study Technical Memorandum ( 2008) – Brown and Caldwell
  • Northwest Georgia Watershed Monitoring Plan (2007) – Brown and Caldwell and MACTEC
  • Northwest Georgia Regional Watershed Assessment 2008 to 2011 – Brown and Caldwell and MACTEC
  • 2014 Regional Water Plan Seed Grant- Agricultural Water Usage Study, Grid Transmission Study, and Redundancy and Emergency Interconnectivity Study
  • 2015 Regional Water Plan Seed Grant for Soque River Watershed

Additionally, the Partnership has sponsored several educational forums on water issues facing Northwest Georgia.

  • Roundtable on Water Stewardship: From the Forest to the Faucet, 2002
  • Economic Development, Quality Growth, and Water Resources, 2003
  • Clean Water the TMDL Link, a Toolbox for Improving Water Quality, 2005
  • Regional Water Resource Solutions, 2007
  • Northwest Georgia Drought Summit, 2008

Membership Form & Dues Structure

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